Aerial view of the town of Pinawa
Aerial view of the town of Pinawa - about 1928

A row of log cabins (upper-middle left), community gardens (dark area right of log cabins and above-left of the treed area). In the treed area are four managers' brick houses, the staff house, and the store. To the right and above the spillway are the lumber houses, the water tower, barn and other buildings. Below this is the dam covered by the Gatehouse and the Powerhouse and Transformer house on their right, and the spillway to the left of the dam. The ice/log chute is between the dam and the spillway.

Below the left end of the spillway is an inveted "T"-shaped white structure. This was no-doubt part of the original dam and spillway before the water level in the forebay was increased. An original dike points to it from the dike.

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