“The best Little Park
by a Dam Site"

Spillway and Desbris Chute

Friends of Old Pinawa
Cooperating Association

-- Part I --

Who we are

The Friends of Old Pinawa, formed in 1996 as a non-profit cooperating association works with Manitoba Conservation to actively improve and promote the historic Old Pinawa Dam Heritage Park. We are committed to a long-term vision of the park.

The members of the “Friends” wish to see Old Pinawa take its rightful place in the heritage of Manitoba. Not only was it the first year-round electrical generating station in Manitoba, but it was also a self-sufficient community that thrived in the wilderness 100 years ago, no more than 10 km from the present day towns of Pinawa and Lac du Bonnet.

Spillway in Action

The Spillway in action
Goals and Objectives
  • Education
  • Environmental awareness and protection
  • Heritage
  • Recreation
Our Vision

The Friends of Old Pinawa strive to enhance the Old Pinawa Heritage Park for everyone through education, conservation, preservation, recreation and interpretation of the natural and cultural resources of the site. All of our projects are important and the Friends are working hard to meet our goals and objectives.

Festivities at the Amphitheatre

Festivities at the Amphitheatre

The Friends have a strong community commitment. Because this historic local site is located midway between the two communities, the Friends of Old Pinawa have connections between organizations and individuals from both towns

  • The membership of the Friends of Old Pinawa includes representatives from the three local governments, the Town of Lac du Bonnet, the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet, and the Local Government District of Pinawa.
  • Conservation Manitoba
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • The Chambers of Commerce of both towns
  • Tourist associations including the La Verendrye Trail Association
  • Pinawa Community Development Corporation
  • Heritage Advisory Committee of Lac du Bonnet
  • Trans Canada Trail Association
  • Manitoba Recreational Trails Association

The Manitoba Provincial Government has recognized our projects and efforts. In 2001, the Friends of Old Pinawa were presented with the Prix Manitoba Award

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