“The best Little Park
by a Dam Site"

Friends of Old Pinawa
Cooperating Association

-- Part II --

  1. Amphitheatre
    • Architecturally designed to complement the surroundings
    • 3000 seat capacity on a crescent shaped grass slope
    • Concrete stage that is level with the grass
  2. A 115v 1-phase power line was brought into the Park from PTH 520 to the Amphitheatre.

  3. Footbridge near the start of the Nature Trail

    The Footbridge at the start of the Nature Trail

  4. The Friends of Old Pinawa have produced a self-guiding historical brochure for the heritage walk within the old town site
  5. Heritage walk winds through the old town site complementing the historical brochure.
  6. A Heritage Walk trailhead sign marks the start of the path.
  7. Granite signs have been added to the historical walk. These signs indicate points of interest discussed in the historical brochure.
  8. A Foot Bridge was built to span the channel at the back of the dam to give alternate access to the dam and nature trail.
  9. In 1998, we created a Nature Trail to show ecological areas of interest and provide views of the dam from a different perspective. This trail will be expanded in 2006.
  10. An 18-foot diameter, 3300-pound runner (turbine blade) from the Seven Sisters Dam was placed at the front of the dam. The newer technology at the Seven Sisters Dam was the reason that the dam at Old Pinawa was decommissioned.

  11. Runner at the front of the Dam

    The Runner stands at the front of the Dam

  12. The Friends of Old Pinawa sold Bricks engraved with donor’s names. This was a fundraiser and is also a record of those who have performed at the amphitheatre.
  13. Trailhead sign was added to mark the start of the nature trail.
  14. The Friends of Old Pinawa have had two annual events with a family focus using the Amphitheatre. The well-attended events had federal and provincial politicians as well as government officials. Politicians included the late David Iftody and Darren Praznik.
  15. The Friends of Old Pinawa have a website for the Old Pinawa Dam Historical Park.
  16. The Friends have acquired the old School House property for the old town of Pinawa. This is located adjacent to the north boundary of the park.
  17. The Trans Canada Trail passes through the Old Pinawa Dam Heritage Park linking the Pinawa Land Development Trail on the south side to the old school House property on the north. The Trans Canada Trail has been incorporated into the historical walk.
  18. A footbridge was built to span the creek on the Trans Canada trail.
  19. Since its inception in 1996 the Friends of Old Pinawa have worked hard to increase the profile of the historic dam site. We now have bus tours that visit the park.
  20. Interpretive signs are placed around the dam telling the viewer of the enormous challenges faced by the early workers and illustrating how the dam functioned.

  21. Amphitheatre Stage with Runner near back fence

    The Amphitheatre with the Runner in Dam

  22. A welcome sign at the entrance gate tells about the Friends of Old Pinawa.
  23. Warning signs have been posted near hazardous areas near the old dam.
  24. The footbridge path has been made safer to link with both the dam walk and the nature trail.
  25. The Park boundaries have been expanded as a result of very successful and well-supported information meetings. No negative comments were received as a result of these meetings.

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