“The best Little Park
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Friends of Old Pinawa
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-- Part III --

Present Projects
  1. We are building a historical archive of items pertaining to Old Pinawa. This includes a reference file created from old records, photographs, magazines and interviews of former residents.
  2. Extend the heritage walk / Trans Canada Trail to link to the old school property.
  3. The additional park lands have given us an opportunity to make a new nature trail with interpretive signs along the route.
  4. Seven point trail development around the dam:
    • Phase 1 – Link the existing bridge over the upper channel to the spillway.
      Add stairs, level rocks and fill in low areas to make a walking path. -
    • Phase 2 – Construct a path along the front of Spillway
      Add a boardwalk and handrail to sloped front of spillway
    • Phase 3 – Connect spillway boardwalk to lower dam with short path (between Spillway and stairs to front of dam).
      Add stairs, level rocks and fill in low areas.
    • Phase 4 – Scenic walkway on the rocks in front of the spillway connecting spillway boardwalk to the dam front with a long path along the lower rapids.
      Fill in low areas, use boardwalks over crevices
      and add stairs. Install a viewing platform.
    • Phase 5 – Path through a penstock
      Create a path from the front of the dam through a penstock
      and add stairs on the other side to connect to upper
      walkway on the top of the dam. Additional stairs and
      boardwalk may be required.
    • Phase 6 – Peninsula between spillway and dam front
      Make peninsula loop path from the main trail.
      Level rocks and add stairs.
    • Phase 7 – Safe lookout point at the south end of the spillway
      Add stairs and railing
  6. Old Pinawa Marketing and Public Relations. This includes promotion and completion of the amphitheatre, development of a brochure, a web site, and creating and maintaining contact with relevant government departments. We are also pursuing partnerships with local businesses and governments, and historical societies. The goal is to draw in tourists and to promote the towns in the surrounding area.
  7. Annual Event. The Friends of Old Pinawa host a family event with music, children’s events and other activities each year. This is a very large undertaking for such a small group. We are looking for organizations to partner with us.

Spillway curve from Forebay

Another view of the Spillway
Future Plans
  1. An improved Spillway Trail traversing the front of the spillway. This will include bridges over large boulders and a boardwalk over uneven terrain.
  2. A picnic shelter will provide shelter and warmth during inclement weather.
  3. Amphitheatre
    • A roof over the amphitheatre is required to protect the performers and their electrical equipment during inclement weather.
    • Spotlights would be useful for evening performances with lights suspended from special supports or hang from the roof structure.
    • Additional electrical power is needed both at the top of the amphitheatre and for the lights.
    • Amphitheatre Entrance Gate will finish the design construction.
    • A performer’s tent will provide privacy and a change >area for the performers.
  4. Nature Hike
    • With the park boundary expansion, an expanded nature walk will include vistas of the swamp and dike.
    • Interpretive signs will be added to the trail to educate hikers about the local ecology.
  5. A Francis Turbine runner from Pointe du Bois will be placed at the dam.
  6. Heritage Walk
    Install sound posts and tape interviews with residents,

    of Old Pinawa for use with the sound posts that will be

    located on the historical walk.

  7. The current walk at the top of the dam will be extended along the top front of dam. Fencing and concrete is required along the top of the dam. Steps will be added to allow the walkway to link to the walk at the front of the dam.
  8. A historical book or booklet.

Additional Comments

Time is our worst enemy. Our information gathering depends on interviewing the remaining people and having them tell their stories. We want to make this unique park take its rightful place in Manitoba’s history.

The Historic Old Pinawa Dam

Special Thanks

While these projects were mostly the ideas of the Friends of Old Pinawa, we wish to express our appreciation to the staff at Manitoba Conservation, and especially the staff at the Lac du Bonnet Manitoba Conservation Maintenance Yard for all their hard work. Without their contribution, none of this would have been possible.

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