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The Old Pinawa Dam Heritage Park can be found on PTH 520 20 km. east of Lac du Bonnet and 8 km. north of Pinawa. It is situated on the Pinawa Channel at NW 1/4 32 -14 -12E. The 30.35 Hectare Park lies in the heart of "Cottage Country" on the Lee River/Winnipeg River system, on the edge of the Canadian Shield. Old Pinawa is about 1½ hours drive from Winnipeg.

Park Details

Aerial View
Old Pinawa Dam Heritage Park
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Comments on the Aerial Photograph

Map Area Description Map Area Description
Top Left PTH 520 and the park gate Bottom Right The nature Trail winds through forest, over the flat rocks and by the Channel
Top Centre Treed Enclosure surrounded part of the town Middle The Forebay, the foot bridge and the Upper Falls
Crescent Amphitheatre (During Construction) Summer 1997 Bottom Left Pinawa Channel
Right Centre Old Pinawa Dam, the tailrace, and Pinawa Channel    

Park Boundary

Old Pinawa Site Map

The boundary encompasses the south half of N.W. 1/4 Section 32, approximately 62 acres (25 ha) Hectares in size. This parcel of land encompasses the Dam Site, and the day use area. A buffer zone is maintained on the adjacent N.E. 1/4, S.E. 1/4, S.W.1/4 in which restriction is enforced on intensive development. Buffer zones S.W.1/4 and S.E.1/4 are the sites of the walking trail.

Boundary Expansion

Proposed Old Pinawa Boundary Expansion

During the summer of 2006, the Old Pinawa Dam Heritage Park's boundaries will be increased with the addition of 575 acres (232.7 ha) of crown land to the existing park boundry. The Friends of Old Pinawa will also donate a private parcel of 3 acres (1.2 ha) to the park as well. The expanded park will total 640 acres (258.9 ha).

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